ASBESTOS & LEAD PAINT CONCERNS ~ We offer asbestos assessments and lead paint analysis in conjunction with regular home inspections only.  Fees are based upon the scope of work and lab charges.

Regarding asbestos, we collect interior samples and bring them to an independent laboratory for processing.  On average, it takes about three days to receive the results.  Expedited processing is available but increases the cost.

Asbestos may be present in some acoustic tile ceilings, some "popcorn" sprayed-on ceiling finishes, insulation (especially around old plumbing pipes), some flooring tiles and adhesives, and around HVAC ductwork.

For lead paint testing, we provide spot checking of interior walls, ceilings, and trim. This can be helpful if the home that you're purchasing was built prior to 1978 and hasn't been extensively remodeled.

We do not believe that the presence of asbestos products or lead paint typically create health risks in outdoor environments.  (Some old roofing and siding materials used asbestos in their manufacture.)

For more information about environmental risks with asbestos and lead paint, please go to these sites:


RADON CONCERNS:  Because of the high water table in this region, radon is not found as it is in Richmond, Northern, Western, and Southern Virginia. Therefore, testing is not needed.


For Asbestos - EPA      For Lead Paint - EPA